Monday, January 25, 2021


While my husband read through the last chapter of a book that was, frankly, beginning to exhaust me, I decided to tidy (or re-tidy) my space. Amazing how much we can fit into relatively small spaces; when I was done about 90 minutes later, I was giving away two bags of clothing and had generated a bag of garbage. Mind you, this was only my space, not our shared spaces. Those hauls are always more impressive.

Why re-tidy? Shouldn’t you only have to do it once? Perhaps, but apparently I like to try on different hobbies and personalities more, and while I’m pretty ruthless in some ways, it can be difficult to discard things people have given me that I don’t want.

Always a good exercise to go through, especially when it results in a little more calm and clarity.


  1. It feels SO SO good to get rid of stuff. Too many things own YOU! Definitely a good way to bring calm and clarity! :)


    1. "Too many things own YOU." Love that. Exactly. My fantasy for three decades has been owning so few things that I can literally pack up a light backpack and go wherever I want.