Review Requests

Things have changed I began reviewing for Amazon before people realized how valuable an Amazon review could be. Unfortunately, between the people who gamed the system and Amazon's reactions, leaving a review there has gotten to be more trouble than it's worth, and as an author I'm less inclined to ask for one there.

While I use Goodreads to keep up with other writers I know, it's never been a perfect fit for me, and less so as they started putting out so many advertisements.

The majority of my reviews are on my library website. Not nearly as sexy or trafficked, but still informative. Tell your friends, maybe it will catch on!

What will I review? My tastes are pretty eclectic: I like food writing, YA Fantasy, history (especially military history), economic and political philosophy, mysteries and thrillers, and of course romance.

FYI, like everyone else who's ever expressed an interest in books, I get more requests than I can keep up with, so I might not get to your book.

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