To blog or not to blog... (7/14/06)

This was my very first blog post on my now-retired blog, Deb in the City. Most of the content wasn't worth saving, but I wanted to keep this one, if only so I can have something to point to in 2016 when I celebrate my decade (!) of blogging.

The lingering question facing me (and lots of others) for a couple of years. Someone being interviewed on NPR about the new iPod and related technology likened this moment in technological advance to the beginnings of speech: would we, as proto-humans, choose only to listen to and understand speech, or would we also choose to use it? So while I can read blogs well enough, I suppose I should also learn how to use them. Also, as someone with a little bit of hypergraphia, this may be a useful outlet for some of my disorder (unless I do finally find time to write the great American trashy romance novel). [Note: I don't really have hypergraphia!]

I am Deb in the City because that's how I see myself right now: a city-dweller (Boston, to be exact) by choice who is trying to raise four children on a budget. I don't want this to be a joyless endeavor, and I think I've succeeded to some extent. My intention is to squeeze what the city has to offer for everything it's worth, and show my children (ages 12, 6 and 2 (twins!)) a good time in the process. While I suspect this isn't going to be a high traffic site, I hope anyone who is reading will be able to point out some resources I might have missed. That, therefore, is going to be the primary focus of the site, but you may also find some commentary about my other interests (politics, fitness, health, exercise videos, my reviews, etc.) sprinkled throughout.

Here's hoping I'll make this a daily thing, but since my almost-two year old twins seem to have a mission to make the most benign objects death defying adventures, I may not be on as often as I'd like.

Deb Nam-Krane, 7/14/06

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