Monday, September 30, 2013

Tear Stained Beaches by Courtney Giardina- A Character Interview

Guest post by author Courtney Giardina

In Tear Stained Beaches there are two things we know for sure Haylie enjoys: running and wine. Since I myself am a fitness lover, I decided to do a fun character post involving running. In this post you’ll meet Haylie, the main character of Tear Stained Beaches and her nosey neighbor Beverly. Beverly is a housewife, who doesn’t understand Haylie’s lifestyle since it doesn’t consist of yoga, tea parties and daily pampering. Haylie has spent most of her time in the neighborhood tolerating in order to fit in to what she calls their Stepford Wife world.

In this imaginary scenerio Beverly stops Haylie as she approaches the end of one of her nightly runs.
Beverly: Hey Haylie, how are you?!?
Haylie: Hey Beverly, I’m fine thanks, you?
Beverly: I’m doing good! Just got home from the grocery store. I’m planning a facial and fondue party this weekend so I had to grab some last minute supplies. You should totally come.
Haylie: Actually, I’m working this weekend at the country club. I have a wedding to coordinate, so I don’t think I can make it.
Beverly: Oh that’s too bad, I feel like you could use it. You’re looking a little run down lately. Isn’t this like you’re third run this week?
Haylie: Yea, that’s the norm. About three to five times per week.
Beverly: You know, I never understood running. You just get all sweaty and oh dear, look at your hair, it’s flying everywhere. Why do you like it so much?
Haylie: I like it because it’s peaceful. It clears my head when I have a lot going on.
Beverly: That’s what a massage is for. I do that every week. You should try it, I’m sure it’s way more relaxing than running. My masseuse, his name is Hans. I just love his strong hands. Sends me into oblivion. You can’t get that with running now can you?
Haylie: Yea, sounds like I’m missing out.
Beverly: Oh and I saw you bringing home take out the other night. Mike would probably have a heart attack if I ever did that, ha! If you need cooking lessons I’d be happy to come over and teach you a few things. No better way to a man’s heart that a home cooked meal.
Haylie: Wow, yea I’ll keep that in mind thanks. I better get going.
Beverly: Oh yes of course. Well if you change your mind about this weekend, do let me know. And maybe put a little bit of leave in conditioner in your hair. It’s looking a little dry.
Haylie: Goodnight Beverly
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