Thursday, September 19, 2013

Well, I'm just all over the place this week :-)

Karen Martin was kind enough to let me share my thoughts about how to make the most use of your writing time when you don't have a consistent schedule. (Did I mention I homeschool my children? LOL, consistency!)

A few days later, my good buddy Lisette Brodey gave me a place to talk about how writers should conduct themselves on this great information superhighway. Please have a read, but shorter: be interactive and don't be a jerk.

(And while I wouldn't usually say my own blogs count as guest posts, have a look at my thoughts on the Orson Welles mini-film festival I indulged in this summer.)

This morning found me grinning from ear to ear. First, the kind folks at Masquerade Crew called The Smartest Girl in the Room "witty and delightful". This pleases the would-be Oscar Wilde in me greatly. Finally, the ever-witty Louise Wise allowed me to talk about one of the secrets behind my ideas: yes, Trashy Television from the Seventies and Eighties.

Alright- enough of that. Back to plotting The Golden Boy Returns...unless someone wants me to talk about how Soap Operas influenced my writing?


Jane Wyman as Angela Channing. Nobody did family secrets better.

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