Thursday, August 29, 2013

The perfect cast for The Family You Choose (and The New Pioneers)

This may have been the hardest blog post I had to craft. How do I choose a cast to portray people who have lived in my head for over two decades? No one is going to perfectly satisfy me, and when I decided to follow up on the idea, suggested by Courtney Giardina, the idea of compromising in any way made part of me freeze.

Well, after several hours (days?) of agonizing, I finally came up with what is as close as is going to satisfy me. It's not perfect in my mind's eye- there is one character I'd still like to change up a little bit- but for the rest it's very good. I can live with it- no, really.

Please go check out my blog post on Courtney's site, then for a little more about the characters and some teasers for The Family You Choose, check out my Pinterest board.

Now who might this be?

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