Friday, August 16, 2013

Keeping Score by Jami Deise

How does Shannon Stevens do it all? With a little help from her friends, both logistically and emotionally. That's the only way a divorced working mom with a semi-hellish commute is able to provide a happy childhood for her sweet son Sam. Fortunately, the sons of the mothers she's close to are also friends with Sam. By the time the story opens, Shannon has perfected the balancing act that is her life and allows her to put up with the self-righteous boss who doesn't think family is a good enough reason to call in sick when needed.

When something is so carefully balanced, one domino falling can send the rest of them crashing down surprisingly quickly. The worst of all is when her best friend lies to her about an opportunity for her son and then defends herself. Before she knows it, Shannon is left virtually friendless- and paying hundreds of dollars more for childcare.

But is it all worth it if Sam has opportunities in a sport he loves? Even if it is, what's to stop Shannon from turning into "one of those" moms- self-reflection, studied indifference, or an unexpected new friend who might be the breath of fresh air she needs? And oh yeah: what about that hot baseball coach who can't talk to her without setting off a fresh round of whispering among the other baseball moms?

These were serious topics, but Shannon's sense of humor found me laughing out loud. I also found myself screaming at the screen at several points; warning: don't give someone a first kiss when you might be a little drunk. I also gasped after I read one scene; I think most parents will too.

This definitely has a happy ending, but not everything is wrapped up in a tidy bow. Perfect, because neither are most people's lives.

Recommended for fans of baseball and chick lit.

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