Monday, October 6, 2014

The best of the stupid

No, that's not an attempt at irony.

As readers of the New Pioneers know, a surprising character has a weakness for really stupid movies, and the depth of her, well, silliness is exposed in Let's Move On.

I had fun with this little indulgence, in large part because I'm known as someone who's ultra-serious (see my Twitter feed!). Actually, I love watching "lighter fare" as much as anyone else, and in some cases even more.

My one rule is that if you're going to go for stupid, really go for it. Don't try to be "better" than what you are. (I feel similarly about James Bond movies, but that's fodder for another tour.)

For the month of November, I am inviting my fellow authors and bloggers to share some of their favorite stupid. Want to join me? Comment below.

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