Thursday, April 18, 2019

My Real Life Alter Ego (Blog Hop)

Thanks so much to Caroline for starting our latest blog hop off yesterday. I loved the idea of doing something like this because it's a way for me to re-christen my blog as Deb In The City. Many moons ago (back in July of 2006, to be exact), I started another blog called Deb In The City where I talked about being a mom of many in an urban environment and trying to do it all on a budget. That was a different time, I am a different person, but I've missed writing about life and not just writing and pop-culture. (Sometimes I just don't want to watch Netflix. There, I said it.) I'm hoping this won't be mundane. but it's definitely going to be more personal.

So here's what you need to know about me when I'm not building new worlds and characters out of whole cloth:

  • I'm a homeschooler. I like to think I'm kind of hip and cool, but "homeschooling mom" sounds about as exciting as snaking out my tub. But, as I see it, it's my most important job, and especially now that my youngest are older (14? When/how did that happen?!), it's a lot more fun. Do they love reading The Iliad? Of course not. Are they digging the survey text on World History we're using? Nope. And do they constantly question the utility of algebra and trigonometry? Like it's their job. But it still brings me a huge amount of joy to sit on the couch with them, read out loud, and even listen to their snarky commentary. I'm trying to get them to a place where they won't need me to learn, but I'm dreading it as well.
We all have our zany comfort reading...

  • I'm a good cook.
    Like, a really good cook. When you're low on funds and have dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, wheat-intolerance, and allergic reactions to soy and sesame) and you live with people with different food restrictions (nut- and shellfish-allergies), being able to cook is a necessity. (But baking's mostly for fun.) Like Caroline, I've also worked in a cafe and even had my own, under-the-table catering business for a little while (that's as edgy as I've gotten). 
This raw, vegan chocolate cake is one of the easier things I've made (Photo Credit: The Happy Raw Kitchen)

  • I'm a yogi.
    Back in the day, I taught mind-body fitness. There's a lot about the fitness industry, in all corners, that can be pretty toxic, and it took me a long time to be able to practice yoga without a lot of that bubbling up, but recently I rediscovered why I loved Raviana's Yoga so much. Their workouts make me feel like I'm reclaiming my body - not as far as how it appears, but what it can do. And boy, there's nothing like not meditating regularly for about a decade to make clear just how much you need it.
I promise, this is more fun than it looks

  • I'm a super volunteer.
    Some people sign up for things, show up, and think that's all they have to do. I'm one of the people that puts in work behind the scenes. (This is not, by the way, because I'm such a community-minded person, but more because community-minded leaders usually see me standing somewhere un-warily and make their move on me before I can run away.) I've been the chair of a School Site Council, the editor of a newsletter, a member of the planning team for a conference (actually, make that two), and an organizer for social justice at my synagogue. I make the trains run, but in my opinion, that's just Adulting 101. (Admittedly, my opinion may be tempered by the fact that nothing anyone else has asked me to do has been as difficult as creating a world from scratch, so there's that.)
  • I have given up my smart phone. That's a different kettle of fish than the other items, but worth mentioning because it's so out of the norm. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, but finally worked up the courage to do. My smart phone had very quickly encouraged a sense of ennui in me that a lot of people can probably relate to. We carry computers Albert Einstein couldn't have conceived of, and most of use it to follow reality stars on Instagram and play Facebook games (yes, I too had a crippling Candy Crush addiction once; you can't get better if you don't face what you are). And don't get me started on the advertisers that stalk you all over the internet...The week I've been without my email constantly demanding my attention has been fantastic, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to be more present.
The smartest phone for me

That's me in a nutshell (er...sort of). Thanks so much for reading, and please check The O Life tomorrow to find out The Truth About Kerrie.

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