Monday, October 10, 2016


I've given this a lot of thought—years, in fact—and I've decided to change my pricing and distribution policy. 

First, The Smartest Girl in the Room is now permanently free. This wasn't something that I was comfortable with a few books ago. However, I've just released my eighth title, and I'm happy to let my first book be a free introduction to the rest of the series.

Second, the e-books for all of the other titles in The New Pioneers are now exclusively through the KDP Select program. While I agree in theory that making titles available on as many platforms as possible is a smart move, everything I've seen for the past three years has convinced me that authors in KDP Select can more easily promote their books than those who aren't. 

There's nothing stopping you now
Third, this also means that I'll be able to more easily offer sales on my titles. This is the biggest change. Again, I appreciate the arguments behind keeping prices stable, but it's just the smarter business move to be able to offer sales.

I've spent a lot of time writing (and editing...), and that should be my primary job. But I also now have the time to start thinking about marketing again. I'm excited about this, and I look forward to seeing how things shape up. So if you know of a marketing title you want to recommend, I'm all ears.

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