Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Updates and observations

Randomly, and if I don't produce links...well, I have my reasons.

+ I am well into Book Nine. (Am I being psychotically paranoid about releasing titles? Maybe.) It's a mystery, I can tell you that much.

+ I know what Book Ten will be about. A short story, and think Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography (kind of). And it just might be released before Book Nine, which would really make this Book Nine, and Book Nine Book Ten. (This is why someone came up with the brilliant idea of titles.)

No titles, but here's a little clue
+ Remember when Amazon Publishing and its imprints were all the rage, circa 2012? Authors wanted to sign with them and observers condemned the potential possibility for collusion (including me)? Um, don't. I'm underwhelmed (and that's a huge understatement) with the quality of their marketing and editorial services. If anyone thought they were going to revolutionize publishing...let's not worry about that anymore.

+ And remember when people were recently bitching about Amazon Vine? Not sure yet what it means, but the pickings are much slimmer than they used to be.

+ As I'm cleaning up my social media experience, I get the sense that others are doing so as well. Not leaving but contracting.

+ Speaking of which, I'm now on Tumblr. Right now it's a lot of food porn, but there will be more Boston and more...whatever else I want :-) If you're on Tumblr look me up.

Back to the books!

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