Saturday, May 31, 2014

An end to a very good month

First I wanted to thank the awesome bloggers who participated in the Soaps Blog Hop. I loved all of the posts, and we spiked some conversation about some of our favorite shows, past and present.

And...even though I already shared this on my social networks, just wanted everyone to know that two days ago I finished the first draft of the fifth installment in The New Pioneers, tentatively titled The Golden Boy Returns. When I wrote the first four manuscripts of the series, I did it over an intense three month period, something only possible because all four of my children were in school. Since then, I made the decision to homeschool. While I don't regret that, I was worried about being able to get another book done when I had my children underfoot.

File:Leopard tortoise.jpg
The Joy of Being a Tortoise
Well, I did, and the key to doing so was a really unromantic requirement to write a minimum of one thousand words per day, first thing in the morning. Once I buckled down to that, it took me about three months.

I still have some editing to finalize for Let's Move On and I need a little reading break, so it's probably going to be another three weeks before I get into the reeds with TGBR, but considering that it took six years to get to that point with the first two books I wrote, I think I can handle that.

Onward to June!

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