Sunday, March 9, 2014

An Engagement: A New Pioneers Short Story

Folks, writing Annabelle Hendrickson Abbot's final scenes in The Family You Choose was pretty intense. It didn't make sense to give her a big role in The China Doll (although we do get a glimpse of her), but I was haunted by her for a couple of years until I gave her a story of her own.
You are cordially invited to An Engagement, where you'll find that knowledge isn't always enough.

Annabelle Hendrickson always knew Alex Sheldon couldn't be trusted, but even she couldn't have guessed how far he was willing to go to get what he wanted.

No one was as decent as her brother Jim, but Stephen Abbot had a kind soul behind his mischief. She could accept his reprobate fatherhe'd be dead soon anywaybut she would never accept his longtime friendship with Alex, her father Gerald's ambitious employee. Annabelle knew it was just a matter of time before he stepped on someone she cared about.

What a pity she didn't realize who that person would beand who was going to give him the opportunity.
An Engagement is Book Two and a Half in the New Pioneers series.

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