Monday, October 21, 2013

Prophecy of the Solstice's End (Oracle of Delphi #3) by Diantha Jones (@dianthajones)

Disclaimer: I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Another disclaimer: this is a long book. My copy came in at 408 pages, and I might have waited a few extra days to get into it because of that.

No worries: I more than made up for it when I found myself unable to put it down and staying up way past my bedtime to read just a little bit more. I read this on my laptop- on the train. When I say I couldn't put it down, I meant it.

Why? Because things come to a head when Chloe and her team answer Zeus' summons to attend the Olympic Games- the games her true love Strafford aka Solar aka The Sun Prince just happens to be competing in. Did you have some huge questions after the first two installments? Jones delivers on a lot of the answers, particularly those concerning Hermes' son Swindle, the all-seeing Thetans, that devilishly charming son of Zeus Torrent and- oh yeah- Chloe's father. (You'll want to say "apples don't fall far from trees"- but then you're going to start wondering which tree we're concerned with.)

Wouldn't it be nice if Chloe and her demigod friends could work out their family dramas in relative peace? Sadly, no. They still have the little matter of constellations falling out of the sky- and wait until you see the ones that fall out in this book- and Apollo and Zeus circling each other to see which one is going to throw down the gauntlet first. We learned in the last book that Apollo has help; don't worry- so does Zeus. No surprise that there are several attempted murders. What's more surprising is that not all of them are successful...yet another mystery for us to solve.

In the last book we saw Chloe come to accept her role as the Oracle; in this book we get to see her exercise her power, and it's awesome. It's about damn time someone reminded these obnoxious gods that they're not in charge, and she is just Oracle to do it. But maybe- just maybe- not all of the gods are as terrible as they seem.

Highly recommended for YA and mythology fans. Now if only Jones would hurry up and get Book Four out, we'd be all set!

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