Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alpha Males Need Not Apply

When Emily encounters alpha males in The Smartest Girl in the Room, she does a little more than roll her eyes. Having been the uncool kid for most of her life, she's very aware that popular, powerful people can also be bullies; the difference between them and the rest of the world is that they're much less likely to be criticized. Mitch may have a lot of flaws, but one of them isn't wanting to bend Emily to his will.

Emily's good friend Miranda isn't afraid of alphas because she's lived with one all her life. And while she's smitten when The Family You Choose opens, once she discovers the truth about him, let's just say the very sweet character Emily and Mitch first encountered will show how far she's willing to go when pushed. But how far will the man in question go to get her back?

To read more about my feelings on alpha males, please check out the latest stop in the Careful You Don't Outsmart Yourself tour, this time on my friend Michelle Cameron's blog.

Yes, you're a very pretty thing- but we've all seen how you treat people.

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