Monday, April 22, 2013

ICYMI: Some of my recent guest blog posts

I have no problem promoting myself as long as it's fun and not spam, but I had no appetite to do so last week, for obvious reasons. It's tactless to exploit a tragedy by belaboring my connection to it, but I will say that anyone who knows me and knows what I wrote about can understand why Monday through Friday of last week hit me (and a couple of million other people) very hard.

Crazily, whether we want it to or not, life goes on. Before last week, I had written and/or scheduled a number of guest posts on other people's blogs. I'm going to be grand and call it a blog tour (I'll let you know as soon as I come up with a title). As this has been my main promotional activity, I've had a surprisingly good time marketing myself. I'm happy to talk about my decisions and journey, but I also love being part of a larger conversation about what, in my opinion, makes a story work. If you've got a blog that focuses on Romance, Chick Lit and/or New Adult and you're looking for content, let's talk.

In the meantime, here's what I've put up so far since the pre-launch for The Smartest Girl in the Room.  Some of it I've mentioned here, some of it I haven't.

Why I Chose to Self-Publish with Dennisse Lisseth/Exceptional Living

In the next two weeks, I'll have a few more posts coming up, including what makes a good villain, how Chick Lit and Romance can support each other in the same story and (yet more!) of my thoughts on the publishing business at-large and reviews. Thanks to all of the bloggers who have hosted me.

In other news, editing has already begun on the sequel by my long-suffering editor, and my designer is putting her thinking cap on for the second cover. I won't give too much away, but definitely the cover image is going to be influenced by an image from this book:

What does Augustus have to do with Miranda?
Excuse me- I think I have a book review I need to work on of my own...


  1. I wish you well on your still-unnamed blog tour and promotion. :-) A couple of those posts look interesting.

    Last week was a tragedy, both in Boston as well as Texas. The saddest part is that it seems to happen somewhere almost every day. I long for the day when the world wakes up and respects just how precious life really is.

  2. Jeff, I am somewhat ashamed at how much press my home got compared to what Texas got. Last week was the opposite of a slow news week, but the media only wanted to report one story. Not okay.