Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I can't handle #Scandal

I'm not alone in finding Scandal unwatchable these days. For me, the first twitches came with Mellie. They can't get this woman's backstory straight. In the first season, she started out by being gracious and even throwing Olivia at Fitz so he could get his act together. By the end of the season we discovered that she not only knew about the affair with Amanda Tanner (remember her?) but also the affair between Olivia and Fitz and had, basically, accepted it.

In the second season she and Fitz are pregnant with a baby of convenience and she's zinging bitter, passive aggressive, jealous barbs at Olivia and starts to refer to her as Fitz's whore. Er, I guess she didn't think Olivia was useful anymore...?

After Fitz finds out how complicit everyone was in fixing his election and kills a Supreme Court Justice to keep it quiet (or whatever), he reconciles with Mellie (because he's so pissed at Olivia) and when we flash forward nine months he's drinking scotch in the shower while reluctantly being serviced by Mellie. Of course he goes back to Olivia after she starts sleeping with someone else, and Mellie is Bitter Barb again until Olivia breaks if off with Fitz and he pretends to reconcile with her.

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Mellie calls Olivia a whore again, yada yada yada, and then we see in a flashback that she was raped by Fitz's disgusting, lecherous father Jerry and that he might have impregnated her. She doesn't say anything because she realizes how much Fitz wants to be governor and Jerry can be very useful. Then we find out that she became frigid (for Fitz, at least), tried to kill herself because she was so miserable AND then began an affair with his Lieutenant Governor. And when Fitz finds out about the affair we discover that it was Mellie's frigidity that began the rift in their marriage, which led to his affair with Olivia.

Um, what? Sorry, when was their second child conceived if Mellie couldn't stand to have Fitz touch her? And if she was so averse to Fitz, why was she propositioning him in the shower? But more importantly, when did she decide she didn't want Fitz sleeping around?


That's just the most glaring example of why this show doesn't make any sense for me anymore. The breakneck pace has verged into ridiculous plot territory, and I don't really care about any of the people who are supposed to be the good guys. For the entire series, the two best scenes have been between Olivia and Abby. They were small scenes, but they were reminders that Olivia was a real person who was a good friend who took care of people. Abby is her confidante who humanizes her. But then there's Huck, her confidante who shows just how completely messed up she is. But at least Olivia has confidantes; a character like Quinn only has (extremely messed up) love interests, like her former mentor Huck who got off on torturing and Charlie, the clear-headed sociopath. Honestly, I don't care which one of them she sleeps with.

Do I need to go on about why Fitz is so weak I'd rather see Olivia with Jake? And yes, I know Jake is a murderer and almost strangled Olivia. That's how much I loathe Fitz.

Basically, we've gotten to the point where I'm rooting for Olivia's beyond-crazy parents to blow everyone else up. Let me know when that happens, okay?

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