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Complete by Lindy Zart (giveaway, excerpt, guest post)

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Title:   Complete
Series:  Incomplete #2
Author:  Lindy Zart
Published:  March 15th, 2014
Word Count:  82,500
Genre:  New Adult Romance
Recommended Age:  16+
Synopsis: If the truth sets one free, why does Lily Jacobs feel so trapped?
She’s learned doing the right thing isn’t always best and now she is living the consequences of her greatest sacrifice. Every day since Grayson Lee left is one she wishes he hadn’t. Years have gone by since their friendship turned to more and then was eradicated by Lily alone; enough time for their young love to fade. Only it hasn’t, not for Lily.
Now he is back and seeing him is devastating to her at the same time it is rapture. She tries to accept that they cannot be together, but everything inside her shouts that they should be; that they only fit with each other. And so she has to accept the greatest truth of all: She loves him still. She loves him enough not to let him go this time.
Excerpt from Complete by Lindy Zart:
I sit down and hazard a glance at him. “Sorry about my mom.” He laughs. “Your mom is amazing.” “She’s pushy.” “She means well.” “I doubt you want to be doing such trivial things as mowing lawns while you’re here.” He shrugs, taking a drink of his tea. “I don’t mind. It’s kind of nice to do manual labor for a change.” “What do you normally do for manual labor? File your nails? Maybe flex your biceps for photo shoots?” “Ouch. You just demoralized my manhood. It may never recover.” A smile takes over my mouth. “I’m sure one simpering look from a female and it will be restored.” “Depends on the girl.” “Oh, I doubt that.” A snort is his only response.

What is New Adult? by Lindy Hart

New Adult is a step up from Young Adult as far as maturity goes. The issues they face are a little more geared toward adulthood than maybe books in the Young Adult genre, and there is more intimacy, more graphic romance scenes. The characters are past teenage years, but sort of hovering on the brink of adulthood. If you like stories about younger adults, usually within the ages of 18 – 22, then this would be a category you would like.

They deal with issues affecting post-teens in realistic ways, sometimes while going to college, or as they are trying to figure themselves out, and whether or not they even want to go to college. Romance is usually involved, but then that's in a lot of books, right? These books are generally angst-ridden and dramatic, because, well, 18 – 22 year olds are certainly emotional. I remember what I was like at that age. The world was going to end if something happened or something didn't happen. Everything was very significant, exceptional. Making friends, losing friends, dealing with betrayal and sacrifice, finding the person you really are instead of the person you thought you were—these books have it all.

I like reading these books because when you're at that age, the world is new and bright and full of endless possibilities. You're just starting out. You can do anything you want to do. You are free. You're finding yourself, honing yourself into the person you ultimately will be, and everything is yours to have. You just have to go after it. To me, they are about hope. They are about me and every single other person in this world. They are everything I ever thought or felt when I was at that age and I can relate to them on an intimate level because I know what the characters are going through because I went through it myself. I think that's why I enjoy writing in this genre so much too. It's like a flashback to my younger years.

Remember the sick, giddy feeling you felt when you knew you were in love for the first time? Your heart would pound and your stomach would flip-flop, and even though you thought you were going to hurl, it was the best feeling ever. How you couldn't stand the thought of being away from them. The hours between seeing them again were torture. How you would daydream about their smile and write your name with their last name and think of all the children you would one day have. I mean, come on, you were only dating for a week or two, but time didn't matter when it was real. Or so you thought. And then it all came crashing down, as so many pieces of impermanent perfection do. But that's life, right?

I remember what it was like to find myself, to have that first love that trumped all the previous semblances of love, the first time my heart was broken, and how I grew up because of it and moved on, knowing a little more about myself than I had known before I went through the pain of it all. Losing a little bit of myself as well. You have to hurt to heal and you have to learn from being hurt and making mistakes, and ultimately, grow up because of it all. Life is joy and heartbreak, pain and loss, love and hope, second chances and first risks. New Adult books grab all of those things and put them into the pages for you to sink into. I highly recommend them, in a totally unbiased way. 
Lindy Zart photo LindyZart.jpgAbout the Author:
Lindy Zart has been writing since she was a child. Luckily for readers, her writing has improved since then. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two sons, and one cat. Lindy loves hearing from people who enjoy her work.
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