Sunday, August 17, 2014

TV Done Right- coming to a blog near you!

Don't be fooled by the last blog hop I was in; I really love television. As much as I like to poke holes when something with potential goes wrong, when I find something good, I can be the, "enthusiast" you've ever seen.

Last month Caroline Fardig hosted a bunch of fellow writers so we could tell you what went wrong with once good shows. This month, we're reuniting so we can tell you what we loved. (And I've got so much to say on the subject, I'm going to do so twice.)

Here's the tour schedule. Please be sure to stop by, read the posts and share your thoughts on which shows you loved.

See you soon!

Caroline- 8/19
Isabella- 8/20
Deb- 8/21
Erin- 8/24
Deb- 8/25
Jami- 8/26
Monique- 8/27
Kerrie- 8/28
Courtney- 8/29

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