About Me

At the age of eight, I decided to be a playwright. At the age of eleven, I pulled my first all-nighter to write a play based on King Arthur for my sixth-grade class. Unfortunately, my teacher couldn't read my handwriting. It was at this moment that I made it a goal to learn how to type.

Two years later, I decided that writing a novel would be much easier. After hiding my interest in women's fiction and romance, I came out of the closet in 2007 with the story I'd been nursing for two decades. I am nothing if not dedicated.

When not writing fiction or being tugged on by my four homeschooled children, I can also be found reading, anything from mysteries by Donna Leon to nonfiction by Charles Mann. A history major, I was pleased to have the opportunity to write the History section of the revised Moon Thailand travel guide.

My New Adult series The New Pioneers includes seven full-length novels and three short stories. Please click on the links to the right for information about them. As of 2018, I'm working on a Science Fantasy series that will feature some of my favorite elements: strong heroines, messy family dynamics, and multiple power struggles.