About Me

Born in New York City, raised in Cambridge and making a home in Boston, I'm thoroughly urban and my writing unapologetically reflects that.

At the age of eight, I decided to be a playwright. At the age of eleven, I pulled my first all-nighter to write a play based on King Arthur for my sixth-grade class. Unfortunately, my teacher couldn't read my handwriting. It was at this moment that I made it a goal to learn how to type.

Two years later, I decided that writing a novel would be much easier. After hiding my interest in women's fiction and romance, I came out of the closet in 2007 with the story I'd been nursing for two decades. I am nothing if not dedicated.

When not writing fiction or being tugged on by my four homeschooled children, I can also be found indulging my news and policy habit (addiction?). A history major, I was pleased to have the opportunity to write the History section of the revised Moon Thailand travel guide.

The Smartest Girl in the Room, the first book of my series The New Pioneers, was released in March of 2013. That was followed by The Family You Choose, An Engagement: A New Pioneers Short Story, The China Doll and Let's Move On. As of December 2014, I have two more installments drafted but no one gets to see those until I'm done with at least one more draft. Series writing, I tell you!

I am always looking for good things to read. Having finally gotten the most inexpensive tablet I could find, I am reading even more than I used to.